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About Villa Pileggi

Villa Pileggi Olive Oil originates from Calabria Italy, where in a small country town named Cosentini, the Pileggi family began producing olive oil straight from the press. This extra virgin olive oil is “cold pressed”, “non blended”, “non filtered”, using traditional style methods brought across from Italy. Using a hand press this Frantoio olive produces a very rich green blend suitable for salads and bruschetta.
The Frantoio olive tree originates from Tuscany Italy and is one of the best well-known award winners of olive oil in Australia. Pileggi Olive Oil has 1200 trees in Gisborne and is proud of its ORGANICALLY grown olive oil. The way it should be!

Villa Pileggi was first purchased back in September 1997 which lies at the foot of Mount Macedon in Gisborne Victoria, Australia. Over the next two years an intensive development program was undertaken to establish the property with olive groves and a fully irrigated drip system. The grove was completed two years later in June 1999.

Our small grove of around 1200 trees, are grown organically and certified with AUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED ORGANIC.



Map Tuscany




Stage 1 trees at Villa Pileggi. John parks his tractor next to a tree, showing a healthy crop, standing over three metres high.  
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